Gaining confidence in implant dentistry

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Julian Caplan is the Principal of Aviva Dentistry, a BACD Accredited dentist and President of The Digital Dentistry School. He recently completed the level PG Cert in Implant Dentistry with Ucer Education. Sharing his experience of the course, he says:

“My main reason for taking a PG certificate in implant dentistry was to ensure I was up-to-date with current research and clinical techniques. There is a vast amount of implant research published every year and it is very difficult to determine which papers I should base my implant dentistry on.

“I had heard of Professor Ucer and knew that he was a key professor within the UK implant dentistry arena. I also wished to learn from a  number of other excellent lecturers involved with the programme.

“The course content covered all the current knowledge required for simple to advanced implant treatment planning, with well organised lecturers.”

“The lecturers were engaging and sometimes challenging, which created an excellent learning environment for delegates.”

“The training took approximately a year. With lectures spaced a month apart, this provided time to review articles on upcoming subjects. The final challenge was to write an essay on a chosen subject and present a short power point/keynote presentation with questions from Professor Ucer and Dr Croft.

“All the lecturers and supporting staff were very approachable and would always try to help whenever it was required. The training certainly delivered on all aspects that I was expecting and looking for. Upon successful completion of the course, I gained a formal qualification in implantology. This gives me confidence to continue developing my skills and experience in the area.

“This course is ideal for dentists who are starting out in implant dentistry and those with experience who are seeking validation for the techniques they use in practice. I would absolutely recommend it.”


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